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Sunday 19th September – Also on the Elle Talent LaunchPad were Yunus & Eliza, with an intriguing collection of jewellery and wearable sculpture. We asked Yunus about their background.

“We’re pretty new to it all, been going for about 18 months now,” he told us. “This is our first show. It’s been part-time for a long time and, just recently, full-time.

“We both come from a fine artist’s background so we were both involved in sculpture. I was a fine artist, doing painting, mainly, and illustration, and we kind of met by accident, really. I did an apprenticeship at Foundry, doing large bronze sculpture and restoration and Eliza came in with a small horse sculpture that she wanted cast in bronze. She didn’t know how expensive it was going to be so she was, like ‘Err, how about I get involved in the process and maybe cut the price a bit.’ I was happy to teach her and we started playing around with some ideas.

“We made a few things and someone from the press saw a piece and really loved it, and said ‘Right, I’m putting it in a mag!’ so we decided that we’d better get a company together. We’ve got five stockists already and we sell online but this [Elle Talent LaunchPad] is a big push, a real help.”

We asked him to tell us about how the pieces are created. “It’s all done by us from start to finish – materials, process, pouring, everything. Not being classically-trained jewellers at all, it’s very artistic and quite sculptural. We’re influenced a lot by mythology and we basically enjoy ourselves a lot when we create the pieces and see where that takes us.

“These are a pair of heels – a mermaid and a pirate. We want to do a whole series of romantic lovers of some form and we’re looking to collaborate with a shoe designer.”

We asked Yunus about the large headdress piece (left). “We’ve had fun doing bigger things. We just got this today. We’re really interested in doing larger, architectural pieces. We like to create a piece of artwork that, when it’s not being worn, you can display as a piece of art. It’s sculpture to be worn. This piece all unfolds and changes.”

“This (right) is our first collection, ‘Unsung Heroes’. They’re really raw, really playful, really big kind of statement pieces. We’ve kind of expanded a bit – before it was bronze and silver, and now we’re doing gold with lots of enamel.”

There were plenty of jewellery and accessory designers at the BFC exhibition but Yunus & Eliza stood out with their unique approach. We look forward to hearing more about their process – especially those heels!

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September 28th, 2010 at 11:31 am

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