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Sunday 19th September – Eudon Choi is hot property this season, having won the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Merit Award and been chosen for the Elle Talent LaunchPad. We asked him how he’d got here.

“I was a menswear designer initially, working at a very high-end design company in Korea. I decided to come to London purely because there are two very good Masters courses here, at the Royal College of Art and Central St. Martins. I got accepted to the Royal College of Art so that’s where I studied. I then worked as a senior designer at All Saints and Twenty8Twelve, and then I thought ‘I’ll just do my own thing’. So, I started my label and this is my third season. Last season I got chosen for Ones to Watch by Vauxhall Fashion Scout and I secured six very good stockists, and then I won these two awards, which is fantastic!”

We asked Eudon why he switched from menswear to womenswear. “I already did menswear, had a very good experience for four years but I kinda thought, I might just do more experimental things in womenswear – you can do more, explore more design elements but at the same time, because I have a menswear background there are always menswear elements in my design, but translated to womenswear. So, on the hangar rail, it might look very masculine but when you put it on, it’s actually quite sexy and modern and feminine. That’s kind of my handwriting.”

“The colour palette is kind of basic. I started from this blue, kind of workwear, and then there’s just simple white – really basic colours, like camel beige, going into dirty pink. Also a lot of the colour combinations are coming from very utilitarian combinations. It’s basically a workwear palette.

“The label is positioned between contemporary and designer label so the price point is a little less than a designer label but a little more than a contemporary label. My last collection, the heavily detailed pieces, made from pure Italian cotton were going up to £1,200 but the t-shirts start from £70.

We asked Eudon what age group he was aiming the collection at but he explained that he designs with attitude in mind, more than age. “Nowadays it’s really difficult to define age group because it’s more about attitude than a certain age but if I had to define it, it’s probably mid-twenties to mid-thirties. It’s wearable. In a way, it’s very classical but with a twist, a bit edgy.”

Next stop for Eudon is Paris Fashion Week but we’re sure we’ll be seeing more of him in London next season.

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September 28th, 2010 at 10:22 am

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