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GFW: Parastoo Dehghanian

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Sunday June 6th – University of East London graduate Parastoo Dehghanian‘s collection at Graduate Fashion Week 2010 was entitled “(Cube)2”.

Hand in hand, lips on lips, connect, click, and merge in one…

Connection: physical or emotional, maybe connecting what shouldn’t be, connecting objects that decline each other or others that call out for each other, connecting the missing pieces, the wrong the right, the soft the solid, connecting identities, the past the future reading the connection between the fingerprint lines. The ties the knots the hoops the hooks the shoe laces that dance through the holes, the trains that slide through the tunnels, the connections of travel, transit, underground, tube maps and maps connecting A to B. You to me.

Joining: attaching the two together… to bond to link.

Contact: pary14 [at] / 07729 222949

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June 16th, 2010 at 10:26 am

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