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GFW: Lisette Mallardi-Van Esch

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Sunday June 6th – University of East London graduate Lisette Mallardi-Van Esch‘s collection at Graduate Fashion Week 2010 was entitled “Una Sette”.

Constructed garments with amour inspiration.

I wanted to create a collection with a maximum of 2 stories. (The metal rings woven onto fabric, and 3-D laser cut shapes).

The garments have to be structured, fitted, strong but still female. I would like to create a mix of wearable clothing with an haute couture edge.

The colours are mainly dark (black, midnight blue) and a mustard and vintage light brown to brighten it up.

When the collection comes together I want the viewer to see the diversity of the same inspiration. That different pieces/colours can go together.

Contact: lisettevanesch [at]

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June 16th, 2010 at 1:25 pm

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