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Hot New Things (HNT) is a blog/webzine (with a print magazine in the planning stage) focused on highlighting, profiling and following the careers of up-and-coming talent in the world of fashion. Most fashion media are focused on the big name designers and established fashion houses who grace the catwalks at the major fashion weeks but we’re interested in the new and emerging designers who are at an earlier stage of their career.

We plan to exploit our London base to cover events like London Fashion Week, Alternative Fashion Week and Graduate Fashion Week, as well as following the progress of hot new designers based in and around the capital.

Editorial Policy:

Our aim is to focus on creating original content, both written (in the form of profiles, interviews and news-style reportage of events) and pictorial (in the form of high quality photographs of events, people, collections and designs).

We’re not looking for gossip, scandal or scoops. If we have nothing nice to say, we probably won’t say anything at all. We want to make people look good, not bad: if someone tells us something that they subsequently wish they hadn’t, we will quite happily edit it out. Our objective is to ensure that any interaction between ourselves and others is positive, and that nobody ever regrets speaking to us.

Licensing HNT Content:

We regularly receive requests to use the content we publish on our site (typically the photographs). We are more than happy to discuss sharing or licensing our content. There is no charge to link to the photos on our website but we do require that appropriate credit is given in the form of a link to and that any copyright information embedded/watermarked on the photograph remains in place.

If you’re interested in licensing HNT photos for other purposes (e.g. publication in a magazine, etc.) or you’d like to get copies for a lookbook or portfolio, then please get in touch ( We believe in (a) giving something back to those who help us and (b) supporting emerging fashion talent so enquiries from the subjects (e.g. designers, models, MUAs, hairstylists) of our photographs receive special treatment.

We will also, where appropriate, release into the public domain images and content which will benefit the wider fashion and internet communities.

Feedback: To contact us, email

Words by Myles de Farquhar, pictures by Jack G.

Written by Myles

March 13th, 2010 at 10:59 am

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