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Sini Moilanen

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Sini Moilanen showed at Alternative Fashion Week in April 2010 and exhibited at Vauxhall Fashion Scout last September. This year, she was back with a collection called “Birds of Prey”. As Sini put it, “it’s based on carnivores that hunt other birds for survival”.

She told us that things are going well. “I’ve got more stockists. I’ve got PR now. I’m moving to a studio from my living-room, which is nice! I think it’s getting more professional now. I’ve had to work full-time on this collection for the past few months.”

Last season, Sini showed at the Zip Zone trade show in Paris and she’s going back again this season. “There were actually more buyers in Paris than in London,” she told us.

Tramp in Disguise is stocked at Beyond the Valley, British Designers at Fashion Capital, Not Just a Label, Offset Warehouse and BYELF.

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September 22nd, 2011 at 12:11 pm

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